Life changes. Workplace changes. WORKBOUND ADAPTS.

The components of the Workbound program enhance each year with the ever-changing workplace which benefits students. Our most popular presentations are:

  • High and low ropes course – Team building, communication and individual confidence development.
  • Acing an interview – Mock interviews with local professionals in a team setting for peer learning and review.
  • Resume writing strategies – Building a resume which will stand out.
  • Emotional intelligence – Recognizing and using emotional information to guide and manage thinking and behavior.
  • Leadership and followership – Realizing the importance of following and leading.
  • Personality/strength trait test – Understanding various personality types.
  • First impressions count – Learn how to make a great first impression through greetings and introductions and non-verbal cues.
  • Face-to-face communication and small talk – Strategies that equip you to carry on a conversation with anyone.
  • Speaking in front of a group – Approaches to be prepared and confident when speaking in front of people.
  • Email communication protocol – Tools for writing an effective email.
  • Nonverbal communication – Understanding the basic nonverbal communication areas: body language, voice pitch and tone and facial expressions.
  • Professional image and appearance – Learning how to dress for success.
  • Techno-etiquette – Laying the foundation for understanding “netetiquette,” the socially acceptable conduct in an online or digital situation.
  • Social media branding – Creating a LinkedIn profile and understanding how high school students can benefit from LinkedIn.
  • Preparing for financial independence – The groundwork for understanding personal finances, budgeting and credit.
  • How to pay for college – Ideas to help soon-to-be college students pay for higher education successfully.

If there is an interest in a presentation not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to meet the request.

We invite you to speak with us about how to can integrate one or more of the curriculum topics into a class syllabus.

All presentations are customized and tailored specifically for individual class or group needs.

The best part? There is no cost to any school or any student! Workbound handles any cost associated with a presentation or workshop!


85% of job success comes from soft skills - Harvard and Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Study